Best Offline Software for School Management: School-Emate

Managing a school is not an easy task. School E-Mate is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. The software has the ability to host modules which allows a user to maintain the academic history of students, staff. This ultimately helps the staff, teachers and school authorities to work in accord. The tool brings many different functions/departments in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place.

School E-Mate is Most Advanced School Management Software and School Management System with School Mobile App. It’s complete School ERP software to manage (admission, attendance, examination, mark sheet, fees, messaging etc.) for unlimited students.



1. Student Profile: In this module student profile will be created by importing the Student data by Excel Format or Add Data Entry or making the Student Transfer or Promoting the Student in the next Academic Year. School Profile has this feature to Import, Add, Transfer or Promote the student. School Head has the feature to update the Student Details from the Web Portal.

2. Teacher Profile: School Head will create the profile of Teacher and Assign the Class to Teacher for marking the Attendance and Updating the Exam Marks in any Exam taken by Teachers.

3. Biomatric Attendance:In this module Teaching & Non Teacher Staff will mark daily attendance using Bio-Matric Device and System will automatically Calculate the Monthly Salary from the Attendance.

4. Email and SMS Notification: School head can send the Email and SMS Notification to Teacher about any events using the mobile App. Teacher can send the SMS Notification to parents about Pending Fee, Class Attendance, Exam Result or any Emergency message.

5. Student Dashboard: reflects the respective Student’s Attendance detail, Student’s Performance detail based on exam, Fee Description, Holidays, School Diary, and the Upcoming Birthdays of all Staff & Students.

6. Reports: School E-Mate has the feature to generate the following report for day to day basis or monthly basis.

i. Fee Collection: Generate the reports of the fee collected with respect to each student by the help of this module. View all the report of the paid/unpaid fees, discounts or failure of the fees. Generate the receipt even of the fee collection reports.

ii. Fee Schedule: View the detailed report of the expected fee to be collected exclusively from each section.

iii. Student Information: Generate report of the detailed information related to the students using this module.

iv. School Strength: View and generate the school strength report with the help of this module.

Special Offer: Only Rs. 5000 with Unlimited Student, Life Time Validity, 1000 SMS Free , Fixed SMS rate @ 15. Paise Only, Free Mobile App

Top Project List

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Project Detail
Technologies Details

Smart Video Motion Tracking & Alarm

Motion Detection : The system will detect a change in the position of an any object to its surrounding.
Alerting (SMS, MMS and Email): it is device that detects moving object or particularty people this is automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area.
Video Recording , Sound Recording , Desktop Recording: this device used to tape on which sounds Motion Tracking.
Movement Highlighting: it is used to motion capture with the highlighting the movement of the object . Execute any File on motion Detection.

Technologies used : C# windows Forms and SQL Server 2010 for Database

Special Offer: Only Rs. 3500 with source code and support to run software in your system using remoting


Steganography : Image, Audio and   Video Message Hiding

1. Hiding Messages in the Noise of a Picture: There is only one safe place for private data and messages: the place where nobody looks for it. A file encrypted with algorithms like PGP are not readable, but everybody knows that there is something hidden. Wouldn't it be nice, if everyone could open your encrypted files, and see noisy photos of some old friends instead of your private data? They surely wouldn't look for pieces of encrypted messages in the pixel values. User can encrypt and Decrypt text message behind the noise of a Image using RSA
3. Messaging: user can encrypt and Decrypt text message on the fly and send it to registered user or by using the inbuilt Email system
4. Hiding Message in the audio file: user can send message through Audio file (*.Wav) file that will be used as carrier file to hide the message into the file. Hiding a message in Wave samples is very similar to hiding it in the pixels of a bitmap. Again, we use a key stream to skip a number of carrier units (samples/pixels), grab one carrier unit, put one bit of the message into the lowest bit of the carrier unit, and write the changed unit to the destination stream. When the entire message has been hidden like that, we copy the rest of the carrier stream.

5. Hiding  Message into the  Video File : A Text Message will be hide into the Video File created with a Virtual Dub video creater. Application will extract the image Frame from the Video then hide the message into the  Image Frame and recreate the video again. On Decryption of the  Video Application get the frame in which video is hide then extract the message from that video.

Technologies used : C# windows Forms and SQL Server 2010 for Database

Special Offer: Only Rs. 3500 with source code and support to run software in your system using remoting


Device Camera Surveillance using Camera vision

1. Smart Device Camera Vision: An Android App where user set the connection string to connect with the desktop/ Laptop and to Start the Android device Camera.
2. Admin DashBoard: A Dashboard will be developed where admin can view the live streaming captured from the android device. Here Admin can set the Single camera monitoring as well as multi camera monitoring also. Admin Also take the picture from the running camera and save the picture as per requirements. Object Tracking will be done when camera find some movement in front of the camera. Further Admin can set the movement % in the system.
3. Image Capture : Admin can take the image capture from the running video streaming and can save the image into the system.
4. Auto Image Capture : Admin can set the auto Image Capture where object found in the front of the camera and automatically save into the system.
5. Alarm & alert: System will bloat and sound alarm when systems find wrong movement into the system.

Technologies used : JAVA and Android and My SQL

Special Offer: Only Rs. 3500 with source code and support to run software in your system using remoting


Remote Spy Monitoring System

1.Key Logger:To watch the keyboard or text message the user will implement the Key logger that will work in Sneakiness mode and Save Key strokes in Log file or direct email Keystrokes to Administrator.
2.Spy Photo: When user try to login with wrong username and password. The system will activate this feature automatically and take the photo of user using Web Cam in spy mode further send Email photo File to Administrator.
3.URL tracker:To monitor the users activity on the Web there is a feature of tracking history of most viewing Websites by the users.
4.Spy Screenshot:When Admin find any user as suspected then admin can set Spy Screenshot that will take screenshot in spy mode regularly in every five minutes and save into the System in Encrypted mode and Email to administrator
5.Remote process management: In this user can see the process running on the remote system and local system. Further here user can start stop the process of remote and local system.

Technologies used : C# Winform and SQL Server

Special Offer: Only Rs. 3500 with source code and support to run software in your system using remoting


Steganography:- Image, Audio, Video

1. Data hiding in Image: The application will provide a feature to hide the message in the images so that data can be securely transmitted over the internet without any fear of security threat of hackers
2.Data hiding in Audio File : The application will also provide a feature to hide the message in the audios also for the secure transmission.
3. Data hiding in Video File : Size of the video should be small like below 100 MB as greater is the size of the videos more it will be difficult to process that video for encryption and stenography

Technologies used : JAVA and My SQL

Special Offer: Only Rs. 3500 with source code and support to run software in your system using remoting

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